What is the TubeSAFE? 

A patented Nasogastric/feeding tube holder ideal for the critical care setting. The TubeSAFE was designed by health care professionals who saw a need for improved nasogastric tube security. The device standardizes the security of feeding and nasogastric tubes for intubated patients in the intensive care unit.

When securing and repositioning nasogastric tubes, the TubeSAFE is Quick and Easy to use, even while wearing gloves! No adhesives are used so there is no risk of allergic reactions. The TubeSAFE can even be used to prevent unwanted disconnections from the ventilator using an elastic. The device fits the hub of any tracheal tube and is available in a variety of sizes to hold most sizes of nasogastric, salem sump, cor-pak, enteroflex and nasoduodenal feeding tubes.

We're confident you’ll be impressed with the long term security of the TubeSAFE and in the way it can standardize the holding procedure.


How Does the TubeSAFE Work?

The TubeSAFE nasogastric/feeding tube holder takes advantage of the space that is usually present between the flange of a tracheal tube hub and the connector of the ventilator circuit. The device is placed over the hub of any tracheal tube and incorporates a smaller, slotted hole into which the nasogastric/feeding tube is placed.

By flexing the device apart, the enteral tube can be engaged into the TubeSAFE...

Quick and Easy!


Advantages of the TubeSAFE:  

- No allergic reactions
  (latex and adhesive free)

- Ease of use
  (allows quick repositioning)

- One TubeSAFE lasts
  for duration of intubation

- Standardizes the holding procedure

- Removal of gloves not necessary

- Non-alarming appearance
  (and less invasive than tape)

- able to prevent common ventilator
  disconnections with an elastic

- Light weight, Unbreakable, flexible

- MRI/X-ray compatible

- Can mark the insertion depth
  if placed on the nasogastric tube
  prior to placement



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